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I'm not dead,
Status: 3.9k frames
Be patient lovelys.

Good day everyone :D

2012-06-22 00:40:19 by IconicStemage

Hiya everyone, I know I've been a bit silent lately about content, postings, and other stuff, however school is done for me ( until college starts ) and I have work.

However, I have re-installed CS3, and I'm glad to say I'm animating again.

In the coming days I'll come back and edit in anymore test I do, on my slow road of recovery, however, don't be to critical on my progress, I'm still working on technique and smoothness.

Tell me how I'm doing, it helps me out very much c:

Novice Attack/Fall Test
Terrible Walking Test ( It's a bit of a work in progress ) :P

As I said feedback is good, I do understand most of these test are fairly choppy as all hell XD

Anyways, thanks for checkin up on me doods :D

Hello everyone, imma stemage
I know I've been absent and really haven't posted anything in about 5-6 months, but dat about to change.
I've recently moved into a house, its a huge ass thing, and my job seems dying down enough to where I can spare time to fuck around!
Like this stuff!
Anywho, Letherious 2 was released finally ( Zunder and his lil' bro finally got there bums off the tele) and that really about it on my end. I'm just trying to finish High School with a good note, so sorry for the belate absence. Now that means I haven't really just fell off the face of the Earth here, I still animate, and I plan on making some test up and getting some drawings up on my own. Maybe revisit some old notes I had planned for a solo project, and I do plan on submitting collabs, as apparently I'm "talented" which really encourages me to dish out content.

As far as animation I still plan on doing madness animation, and although I haven't gotten a tablet, I do plan on some fbf animations. Don't know, gotta attain some decency in that department first.

Anywho, hope you all still are doing well, as mentioned earlier, sorry for being gone, been having a life, and devoting most of my time towards school.

Somewhere in Nevada

2011-09-24 09:54:42 by IconicStemage


yea, if grabel doesn't release the enroachment collab by tomorrow, I'm just going to fucking post my parts, I don't give a fuck anymore

Hey everyone, I'm back to animating shit. I had a bit of bout' with school, but I have a job and minimum days at school and am feeling up to get back to animating once again.

However, I've been checking in periodically whenever I'm not doing homework or dicking around on ssf4 or modding naruto wars dota for wc3ft and have notice some animations that have came out.

While I notice a lot of bullshit and among the most to what I really should address.

First off, madness hardstyle, granted it was pretty good, and like to see a new face, and there is really no problem to the animation, but seriously, the fuck are you talking all high and mighty, granted I don't get the whole "hardstyle" bullshit, but calling delamortes and delawares arrogant to their animation ways is down right dirty. Thats like saying all you are doing, is making movie clips because you don't want to animate a god damn bullet, ( which may I add takes you less than 2 minutes) individually means your lazy , and could really give a shit, about the animation. Second off is a remake, really? Are we that egotisctically stubborn to go and do a remake of all things, not a even a second thought of plot line or a sequel, I suppose not. My point here is not really to bash you, just to point out that you come off to me as sort of a prick to the latter community.

Don't be such a asshole, be humble and respectful.

Madness Activation, was okay, and I've seen through recent post-its that the animator Tomykte is making significant improvements in the way he animates is apparent. The only thing I sorta ask is no to use cannon enemies, but then that be hypocritcal because I use cannon sprites on my animation. So just keep doing what your doing man you'll do fine.

As for me, with all this extra time I'll have, I'm going to start making a animation for md11, that will be finished and as well as participating in collabs if anyone is hosting a decent roster one, and I suppose thats really it.

I'll have a screeny for you guys later and thats really about it.

Give you more of a update or screeny when I have one.

By the way, to the people of Letherious's Collab, I'm sorry about the crazy delays and the fact that Zunder went to a better calling, if you can re-send me them through pm, I'm going to try to make a menu and operating collab, would be helpful if you could convert them to Flash 8, because I need to get CS3 in the latter time.

Keep it frosy



2011-01-18 20:26:44 by IconicStemage

So I'm up to full speed at the end of the month, but I'll be putting a screenie pretty soon, just got a 48 hour drive til' I'm home and I'll be animating at full speed. Just waiting to get outta Stockholm. Btw check out the little song I did New Tides on my friends menome.

Other then that when I'm home and situated. News post with some good news lolkthxbai

So I want to make a new post of whats keeping me from doing shit I want to

1.My grandfathers death
Yesterday on January 5th 2:00am he died in the VA hospital. He's been suffering from cancer, and he finally had enough. He was one of the reasons I did madness because he always talked about being in Vietnam and opening a can of whoop ass on Vietnamiese, which in his will he left me 2 operating ak47s M1911(scratched to hell) and a golden pocket watch, and 10k for college and diddle daddle. Crap like that
Vila i frid

I've started college, and its a pain, 20 page reports, kinda where I left off but its good stuff for me.

Third this motherfucking computer
which will be replaced at the end of the month, (seriously lost all my fucking .flas for solo)
and thats about it.

I fucking am about to go nuts on animating and hopefully ( I say this extreme hope) I get you a screenie in February or March. I'm doing something with a couple of cutie pies before I hit the grid.

I'm in negotiations with getting a tablet from Voodoo

With promises I got cash just matter of time and what ever the hell life throws at me. With that, thats basically it. So I guess thats really it.

Alrighty, I'm just sitting here and I guess you could say I'm semi-agitated.

First off, I sent in my parts to various people (Clatty + Zunder) and have heard from zunder and clatform that we are having weak progress on the both, SO, in Marshal law on the 5th, two days, I will pull out of they're collabs and go to raptorsend's collab.

I can't really wait for this and I want this collab to be pushed out so I don't have anything on my pallet come 2011, when I start Madness Inoculation, which will be completed and ready for madness day.

I also am going to at least going to try to push out something christmas related, maybe madness, maybe not, you be the judge of that. ( It's madness)

Anyways Clat, zunder I need to know what the hells going on collab wise. I'm pulling a all nighter for zombies and cod, don't baby these people.
Tell me

See you cutie pies later.


2010-11-24 13:51:08 by IconicStemage

I can really animate it with it in my way, plus thanksgiving, not a perfect combo


2010-11-19 23:47:53 by IconicStemage

/* */
I'm just moving slow, once the hoildays past I can finally stop with distractions and finally get to my animating, got my learners license today FINALLY, and almost done with one of my storyboards, so things you could say are going pretty damn cool, except the slowness, that needs to get the fuck outta here, other wise rate on that vid up there it took 20mins.

I'll edit if anythign comes up